MaxxPro Builders are your number one choice for commercial wood framing and concrete contractor services. We have over 17 years of experience building projects from 3,000 to 100,000 square feet.

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MaxxPro Builders Offers Commercial Wood Framing Services

Any type of commercial wood framed building such as:

  • churches
  • strip malls
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • renovations
  • condominium developments
  • apartment blocks
  • townhouses
  • and housing
  • We also offer pre-fab and shipment options if required by the customer.

MaxxPro Builders Also Offers Concrete Contractor Services

Forming and pours, from small and simple to larger and more complex. Grade beams and foundations are what we do best.

From the President

I believe that now, more than ever, the construction industry is in need of change in regard to what we, as contractors need to offer our customers. That is why our Team here at MaxxPro Builders believes in hiring better people. Our people are our strongest asset. Without our team, we cannot give the customer what they want, which is QUALITY, RELIABILITY and HONESTY.

Every one of our staff brings something unique to the table and that is what makes us a stronger company. We are one of the top companies in our field. We work hard to be the best!

Make MaxxPro Builders your next choice, the right choice.

Marty Ritchot,
President of MaxxPro Builders

Featured Projects

At MaxxPro Builders, we are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

Higher Standards

We understand that you, the customer, always have more than one choice when it comes to picking the “right” contractor for your projects. At MaxxPro Builders we can deliver the quality of service you need. When we commit to your project, we commit to delivering it on time.

Out standards set us apart from the rest

At MaxxPro Builders we believe:

  • in making your completion schedules.
  • that committing ourselves to your projects is the only way we can build something properly.
  • our bottom line affects your bottom line.
  • our references speak directly to our commitment to quality.
  • in our crew’s knowledge and their determination to give you the quality of product and service that you expect.


MaxxPro Builders is a commercial wood frame and concrete contractor based just south of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Our main scope has always beenwood framing. However, as demand has increased for concrete crews we have branched out and can now handle your concrete contractor needs. MaxxPro Builders is very well equipped to handle projects of 3000 square feet to projects of large sizes up to 100,000 square feet.

MaxxPro Builders has over 17 years of in the commercial wood framing and concrete industry. We work with your developers from early stage planning all the way through to project completion. MaxxPro Builders is part of your team.

Who has MaxxPro Builders been working with?

MaxxPro Builders has been working with a variety of partners over the years. Like MaxxPro, they too are committed to quality. MaxxPro Builders is proud to say that we are the top choice for commercial wood framing contractor for a number of companies. We work with a number of companies in Western Canada, and we will continue to work with them as their projects move east. Working with Akman, Kelsey Construction, Boretta, Bridgeroad, Streetside, Canalta and RS Capital Corporation. Making sure every project is a success.

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